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Welcome to Dating Contact, the UK's premier dating site, where countless singles find love and companionship across the nation. From the bustling streets of London to the scenic views of the Scottish Highlands, Dating Contact offers a vast network of singles ready to meet that special someone. Whether you're seeking a casual chat or a serious relationship, our platform provides the tools and community to support your journey. Join Dating Contact and start your adventure in the rich and diverse dating landscape of the UK.

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Our Features

At Dating Contact, we pride ourselves on connecting singles throughout all regions of the UK — from the vibrant atmosphere of England's cities to the tranquil beauty of Welsh valleys and the historic charm of Scotland's towns. Our tailored features include:

  • Regional-Based Search: Our advanced search tool allows you to find singles based on specific regions. Whether you're interested in meeting someone from your local area or are curious to explore relationships in other parts of the UK, our platform helps you find your perfect match.
  • Free Messaging: We believe that initiating a connection shouldn't come at a cost. On Dating Contact, you can send messages for free, facilitating open and uninterrupted communication with potential matches. This feature ensures that all our members have the opportunity to spark conversations without financial barriers.

Embrace the opportunity to connect with singles across the UK without the usual constraints. Our platform is designed to make it easy to find meaningful relationships by leveraging the geographic diversity of the UK to your advantage.

Date experiences

"We (Elisa and Wim) really want to thank you very much!!! Just before the summer we found each other through your website Dating Contact. We were both looking for companionship, actually not necessarily romantic or in a steady relationship. We are both a bit older and it is not always easy to find someone with whom you can make a nice friendship. In our case, however, it was anything but difficult. We both love a game and a nice chat at times and meet weekly to enjoy each other's company. We have both travelled a lot and that is now behind us, so plenty of stories to entertain each other with! Thanks for your nice contacts and for bringing us together! Thanks to Dating Contact, we have found a partner for life."
- Elisa and Wim

"My name is Peter and I joined your dating site about 4 weeks ago. I was a bit sceptical at first, after all, you hear so many stories about online dating. After a few days I started to get the hang of it and came across Maria's profile. Incredibly nice spontaneous lady, with an even nicer smile. We got talking and after a few weeks finally decided to meet. There really was an instant click!!! I can't even remember the last time I laughed so much with a woman. She has a daughter and son, actually for me it feels like I am finally the father since Maria has no contact with the father of her children anymore. So I really wanted to thank you, Dating Contact. Without you I might never have met her. Thank you!"
- Peter and Maria

"My name is Jean. I started online dating over a year ago because it is sometimes difficult for me to meet people because of my disabilities. Namely, I have been very hard of hearing since birth. Although it is not always a hurdle for me, it still proves quite a challenge for some. After all, one has to know or learn sign language, for many this is a difficult task and they choose not to enter into a relationship. Through your website Dating Contact I came into contact with Juliette. It turned out she had a little daughter who also lost her hearing at a young age. This immediately gave me a feeling of recognition. We've been together for months now, but I wanted to send a thank-you note to Dating Contact. Fantastic that people can reach each other this way! Chapeau!"
- Jean en Juliette